Welcome peeps of the interwebz!

Welcome to Mantis Manor. More to come, stay tuned!


9/5/23 10:00 PM: Added some Mantis artwork by other peeps to the gallery! I'll add more as they come!

9/4/23 9:27 PM: Created official site banner, added a live chat, and added banners above the iframe for a little bit of pazazz. Some of them actually link, some don't. I will add banners to other netizen's sites as I find them, and I'll continute to make joke ones and add them as well. Added gallery page for all my original doodles and whatnot. Switched background music to a live stream of Nightwave Plaza, an internet Vaporwave radio station. You can click on its name in the music corner to go there. Big thanks to them! Lastly, I added a few little easter eggs around.

9/4/23 1:21 PM: Spiffed up some backgrounds and added new "Fast Travel" page. Socials added to "Links" page.

9/3/23 10:50 PM: Site has been freshened up a bit, moved the Mantis Manor to its own subfolder. Now I can separate personal things from my fictional universe and storytelling. Yippeeee!!!

Hey, what happened to Mantis Manor?

Don't worry traveler, it still exists! You can access the pages by clicking on the "Mantis Manor" button on the left-hand side of the site. Happy searching~